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You will receive 40+ of the best boxing drills in the world, all on high definition video format, and you will get them straight to your phone or computer so that you can watch anywhere, at any time.

This boxing drill package includes Olympic training camp drills which helped me gain success in the 2008 Olympic Games as well as all the boxing drills that I use on a daily basis as a world class boxing coach.

You'll get new workout ideas that will help you be a better boxer, gain faster reactions, punch harder and even help train your brain.

The only way you get better at boxing is by drilling and drilling the correct way.



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  • How to improve footwork speed
  • How to cut down the range
  • How to perfect the uppercut
  • How to shoulder spar
  • How to train your in-ring intelligence
  • How to do multiple phase attacks
  • How to change the angle
  • Faster hand, eye, and foot coordination
  • How to bob and weave under punches
  • How to punch hard from being in close
  • How to work inside
  • How to improve your overall vision and speed
  • How to increase your overall agility
  • Improve your head movement  


Increase reaction speed

You need fast reaction time to help with defense, the faster you react when someone throws a punch at you, the less chance you have of being hit.

Increase hand speed

The faster you can punch the more chance you have of landing. Being known for having fast hands is a great feeling, trust me, I know!

Improve your defense

The name of the game, hit and don't be hit! I give you the very best drills to improve your defense so your hard to hit

Correct your form

You need fast reactions to help with defense, the faster you can react when someone throws a punch at you the more chance you have of not being hit.

Hand, eye & Foot Coordination

Everything needs to work together. If you have good footwork, but you can’t punch at the same time as you step. Or you can punch hard, but can’t slip straight after, to get out the way of the punch and come straight back with a counter. To solve that problem I'll help you improve your Hand, Eye & Foot Coordination.

Learn from the best

I’m the real deal, I’ve walked-the-walk, my numerous achievements are proof of that. My passion is to help you gain confidence in your boxing ability, to become a better version of yourself and get you walk into any gym your head held high.


Better footwork

To me, footwork is the most important thing for any boxer. If your feet are not correcthow do you expect to step-up the rest of your game? You'll learn how to get in and out of range faster, phases, changing the angels, positioning and more.


A lot of fun

On the Olympic team and as a professional boxer my best sessions were the sessions where I had fun doing these sort of drills


Olympian / Coach / Educator / Podcaster
  • Olympic Medallist - Beijing 2008
  • European Gold Medallist
  • 7 Times National Champion
  • Retired Undefeated Professional Boxer
  • Captain of The Great Britain Boxing team
  • 106 Career Fights (over 40 fights won inside the distance)
  • Co-Owner of Box ‘N Burn boxing fitness gym - named Cali’s #1 Gym by Men's Health
  • Taught over 2,000 coaches how to teach boxing
  • Taught over 20,000 people how to box in Box ‘N Burn gyms 

Since 1995, I’ve ate, slept and breathed boxing. In 17 years of competitive boxing, I've had 106 fights, 57 were internationals, representing my country against other international champions.  I've won 7 national titles, European Gold, Olympic bronze and captained the England boxing team.


I was undefeated as a professional until I was forced to retire early due to hand injuries. I've trained in every environment you can imagine and traveled all corners of the earth fighting champions from many countries. I've fought in the same tournaments as the likes of Lomachenkko, GGG, Oleksandr Usyk, Carl Frampton, Badou Jack, boxing and beating world champions.


My teammates included world champs Billy Joe Saunders, James Degale, Amir Khan, Tony Bellew and Carl Froch. I have completed 2 x 8-week training camps with Evander Holyfield, as we had the same coach.

I now co-own and run Box 'N Burn, two world-renowned boxing and fitness gyms in Los Angeles. I am co-creator of an international boxing education program where we teach personal trainers how to teach boxing.

I know what it feels like to be nervous before a sparring session and have those “this guy is better than me” doubts. I used to s**t myself before I sparred anyone more experience than me. Anxiety would set in and I'd try to talk myself out of it, but I’d get in there and do a number on him. I can help you overcome your fears too!

There are lots of people online offering what I am offering,  but what sets me apart is my expertise, experience and achievements. I've competed at the Olympic Games semi-finals and stood on the podium. Since 2012, I've been coaching boxing everyday for a living. I've taught tens of thousands of people how to box and over 2,000 people from around the world, how to teach boxing to other people.

Do you study other boxers and wonder “how did they do that?”

I've committed my life to the sport of boxing, I know every area of the sport inside out. I will help you work on your boxing, teaching you how do it the right way and get into good habits!

Are you frustrated that your working hard but not seeing any major improvements in your boxing?  

I will train you at the very highest level and help you reach your full potential!


I want to help you and also build a community of like-minded people, by sharing and helping each other, you are not alone. If you're having a problem, for instance, with your confidence, myself and others in the group can help. I did not create this online course for the money! I want to help you, as I truly believe what I have created can really get you to your full potential! If you feel the course did not live up to your expectations, I will refund you 100% of the course price.


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Chris Shifflet

Skylar Grey

Brendan Schaub

Ben Greenfield

Byran Callen

Dorathy Wang

Eve Torres

Frank Grillo

Jamie Carragher

Jenson Button

Joe Wicks

Kerem Bursin

Liam Smith

Ronda Rousey

Tait Fletcher

Travis Barke

Trisha Yearwood

Wang Leehom

Tim Teebow

Byran Callen

Chris Hemsworth

Aubrey Marcus

Chris Algieri

Deontay Wilder

Kal yafai


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